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Technical Details: NILES
Typ:RF 6
Category:Gear processing Machines
Subcategory:Gear Hobbing Machines
Technical DetailsGear milling machine / gear hobbing machine make NILES type RF 6 M 15
Lizensbau Pfauter Chemnitz, year of construction unfortunately not visible

Technical specifications:
Wheel diameter to be milled for spur gears: 1500 mm
gr. Milling to be milled: 15 Mod.
Range of helical gear drm. at
10 spiral approx.: 1500 mm
20 spiral approx.: 1500 mm
30 spiral approx: 1350 mm
40 spiral approx.: 1060 mm
45 spiral approx: 900 mm
50 spiral ca: 750 mm
60 spiral approx.: 450 mm
Burr turns per minute: 20-26-33-43-56-71-90-118
gr. Outer diameter of the milling cutter: 200 mm
Drm. Milling mandrels: 27-32-40 mm
Drm. of the workpiece clamping mandrel: 60 mm
Rotation of the drive pulley on the machine per minute: 520
Drm. the drive pulley on the machine: 500 mm
Width of the drive pulley on the machine: 130 mm
Power requirement: 10 hp
Rotation of the engine: approx. 1000 rpm
External dimensions of the machine: 3200 x 1800 x 2700 mm
Weight approx: 8,000 kg
1 pallet with counterholder 1.20 mx 0.80 m
1 pallet with change wheels u. Accessories 1.20 m x 0.80 m
1 foot motor with clamping block 0,5m x 0,5 m
used, in good and functional condition

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Documents:Bedienungsanleitung RF6