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Technical Details: TOS
Typ:HOV 25
Year of contruction:1959
Category:Grooves treatment Machines
Subcategory:Grooves Bumpers
Technical DetailsVertical bumper make TOS type HOV 25
Machine -No: 59-2584 Year 1959

Technical specifications:
Bump height: 250 mm
Diameter of the rotary table: 500 mm
Transverse movement of the table: 450 mm
Longitudinal movement of the table: 560 mm
Adjustability of the ram: 250 mm
Distance of impact pad support surface to stand: 465 mm
Distance of impact pad support surface to plunger guide: 135 mm
Distance Lower end of the tappet guide to table: 365 mm
Largest distance butting tool to table clamping surface: 535 mm
Tappet swiveling in the transverse direction by: 10
Pusher speed Number of stages: 8
Range: 22 - 112 double strokes / min
Maximum permissible cutting speed: 35 m / min
Greatest pulling power: 1000 kp
Longitudinal and transverse feeds infinitely variable: 0.2 - 1.6 mm / stroke
Connected load: 5.5 kW
External dimensions: 1425 x 2270 mm
Weight: 2850 kg
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