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Technical Details: ELU
Typ:RKS 1603
Category:Aluminium and Window Construction
Subcategory:Circular Saws
Technical DetailsRadial arm saw make ELU type RKS 1603
Mash. -No: 37252

Technical specifications:
Saw blade size: 350 x 30 mm
Max. Cross-section width: 520 mm
Max. Cutting height: 110 mm
Max. Longitudinal section: 920 mm
Saw blade speed: 2800 rpm.
Cutting speed: 53 m / sec
Recording power: 4000 W
Output power: 3000 W
External dimensions: 1080 x 1100 x 1600 mm
Weight approx. 145 kg
rebuilt with:
- 2 pneumatic. down devices
- pneumatic saw blade feed
- Footswitch
used, in good condition

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Payment: net at takeover or by appointment.
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