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Technical Details: MUBEA
Typ:BF 30-12 F
Year of contruction:1974
Category:Iron Workers and Hole Punch Machines
Technical Details4-fold comb. Section steel shears Fabr. MUBEA Type BF 30-12 F
Machine -No: 36630, built in 1974

Technical specifications:
Performance tin snips: 10 mm / 100 x 12
                Knife length: 180 mm

Performance bar steel scissors
                Round steel: 30 mm
                Square steel: 28 mm
                L-steel: 50 x 6 mm
                T-steel: 50 x 6 mm
                U-steel: 50 mm
                Z-steel: 30 mm

Performance punching device
                Sheet thickness: 7 mm
                Diameter: 21 mm
                Depth: 55 mm

Performance sectional steel shears
                L-steel: 80 x 8 mm
                U-steel: NP 80
                I-steel: NP 100
Stroke rate: 72 H / min.
Drive power: 2 hp
Weight: 395 kg
Outside dimensions: 860 x 400 x 950 mm
- Underframe
- Different tools
used, from operational resolution in good condition

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